The Modern Priesthood
Raed Haddad

Raed Haddad

The Modern Priesthood

The Priest is one who is ordained by God to speak in the name of God or someone who makes God available to people through liturgy and sacred symbols. He has the truth and ministers it to people who follow or subscribe to his teachings and commandments.
The priesthood was something established by God to minister the Law of Moses to the people of God. This Levitical priesthood is connected to the Law of Moses. Its purpose is to help the ancient people of God to keep the Law. God knew that the people would break the law sometimes and they would need a way to get back into favor with Him, and the priesthood was the means by which the worshipper was able to return to God after he or she has sinned and broken fellowship with God. The priesthood was a manifestation of Mercy on God’s part. When God ordained the Priesthood, He was saying if someone sins, he or she is not shunned or condemned automatically, but through the ministry of the priest, they have a way back.

In the Dark Ages when the Church had the highest place in society it was the priests who had power and control over the masses. When the church declared ‘it is the will of God’ it settled the matter. No one would dare to stand against what the church declared as the will of God on the pain of death. During the Dark Ages the priesthood exercised power and control instead of mercy and grace. The people being ignorant of what the Bible actually said, subscribed to what the church taught and what the church demanded. Somehow the DNA of the priesthood has changed from what God has designed it to be. The priesthood used to be a means by which those led astray gained redemption, but now it is the priesthood who sealed the door on those who wanted to come in. The path closed to the lost, as well as the priests themselves.

In our postmodern world, the priesthood has moved houses and changed its name. Today the priesthood is called the scientific community and its house is mainstream media. And just as it was in the time of the Dark Ages, so it is now. We are expected to accept the ‘evidence’ of scientists quietly and without opposition, and treat mainstream media as the source of objective truth.

As in the Dark Ages, we are expected to follow the will of the current priesthood, namely science, and do it obediently. Just as Latin was known only to the priesthood, the raw truth is known only to the powerful, and filtered down to us through the lens of science and politics. The ignorance of the masses has appointed these people as arbiters of truth through their desperation.

Any suggestion from the masses that offers an alternative truth to the narrative of science – or should I say the priesthood – is ultimately ridiculed and battered until it is out of the mind of the people.

In the Bible we have permission to reject subscription to the current or previous priesthoods. The first mention of a High Priest pre-dates the giving of the Law is Melchizedek, the high priest in Genesis Chapter 14. The Levitical Priesthood was given to minster the Law as a way of life for over 400 years after Genesis 14. But in Jesus we have a High Priest after the order of Melchizedek, and as the writer of Hebrews tells us, if there is a change in the priesthood, by consequence, there is change to the Law. Meaning that under Jesus as a High Priest we are to live by different standards than the people of the Old Testament and surely different than the priesthood of the Dark Ages, as well as the current priesthood.

Jesus made it very clear that only those who pledge themselves to Him are those who will come to know the real truth. And those who come to the knowledge of the truth will be set free. Jesus as a High Priest came to minister the life of Heaven, the life that is beyond death. There is a way of life that supersedes our weary, anxious and fearful life that we have inherited from our Father Adam. A way of life ministered to us by the High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek.

Jesus called it Eternal Life.

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