Greater Blesses Lesser
Raed Haddad

Raed Haddad

Greater Blesses Lesser

Christianity is not a philosophy even though it is the master of all philosophies.
Christianity is not a set of instructions on life even though it is the highest and most exalted guidance on life.

You might think what I am writing is a contradiction.  Let me explain why there is no contradiction at all. We can’t use what is less to explain what is greater. In many ways Christians have allowed what is less to speak louder than what is greater. One of the fundamental Christian beliefs is that Jesus was and is sinless. By holding this belief, Christianity is saying that Jesus is not darkened by the effect of sin on his thoughts, his words and his life. That makes him the greatest source of identity for all man. But in practice Christians have allowed lesser men to have a greater impact on us instead of Jesus. We are all impacted by others; it is inevitable to be affected by other humans as we don’t have complete autonomy over our lives. For instance, when we drive our cars we are impacted by the decisions of other drivers, and we cannot escape this reality. We cannot pretend that we are not impacted by what others say or do to us. Our decisions in life have power beyond just our private lives. If we are impacted by others, either for good or bad, why do we allow other people to have a greater impact than Jesus on how we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves? If Jesus truly is greater than all, why do we allow anything else to have a greater say in our lives than he?

I constantly hear people say that they trust Jesus only for the big things in life, like eternity. But the same contradiction is practiced in this area also, because if I trust him in the greater, why would I not trust him in the lesser? Instead of letting the greater (eternity) determine the lesser (life on Earth), we do the opposite; we look at our life here on Earth and when we face that which we do not understand, or we did not anticipate, we question the eternal truth of God’s love and acceptance. But if we allow the eternal truth, that which is greater, to give definition to what we go through on Earth, we will face trials with confidence and full assurance that we are not alone nor forsaken. If we have the mindset of allowing the greater eternal truth to define the lesser in our lives, it will be possible to attain a life of continuous victory and joy, such as that described in the Bible. The letter of Hebrews says ‘the lesser is blessed by the greater’ (Hebrews 7:7). 

Are you waiting to receive your identity from others – the lesser – or will you find it in Christ – the greater – and bless others with the revelation of the Eternal Truth?

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