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We believe in healing freedom deliverance

Pastor Raed Haddad

Raed Haddad

Senior Pastor

“As a church leader I see my task as both very simple and very profound. My task is to make sure that the presence of God permeates the atmosphere of our services and guides our lives. The presence of God brings with it two main influences; it revolutionises the way we live and empowers us to minister to others.

I very strongly believe that we are to be a supernatural community that demonstrates the holiness and power of God to the world. The work of the Holy Spirit is a vital part of Christian life, and it is my wish for everyone to experience and use the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.

I strive to foster a community that is saturated with love and power that is inclusive to all people with the aim of transforming them into the image of Christ.”

Raed was born in Jordan and immigrated to America in his late teens. He began studying theology in the United States until he met Fadia and moved to Australia to get married. He finished his Bachelor of Theology from Morling College and became the Senior Pastor of New Sound Church (formerly Bankstown Baptist Church) in 2014. Raed and Fadia have one son – Joshua – and one daughter – Pascal – who serve with them in Church.

Fadia Haddad


“I see myself as a worshipper. After recording 15 full albums and numerous singles (in Arabic), travelling the world singing in conferences and churches, I discovered a new truth that transformed my life. The Holy Spirit touched my life, and, through visions, dreams and words, I began a journey of learning how to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and labour with Him to reach countless others for Jesus.

Hosting the presence of God in all aspects of my life is my first priority. There’s nothing I love more than releasing the presence of God over the church through prophetic ministry. I am humbled when God graces us with His tangible presence and power. One of my greatest desires is to raise others up as worshippers who know their true identity in Jesus and worship Him in spirit and truth. It is my greatest joy to know that God uses me to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Fadia Haddad, also known as Fadia Bazzi, was born in Lebanon to a Muslim family. At age 14 she was introduced to Jesus and accepted Him as her saviour. She moved to Australia with her family in 1990 and shortly thereafter recorded her first Christian album. Fadia became famous among Arabic Christians around the world, and she has since been invited to sing at countless churches and conferences around the world. It was during one of these trips that she met Raed and he moved to Australia with her where they got married. They have one son – Joshua – and one daughter – Pascal – who serve with them in Church. Fadia continues to record Christian music in Arabic today.

Fadia Haddad

Our Values

Our values dictate how we play our role in God’s story, individually and as a family of faith

We live in such a way that our faith permeates everything that we do. Every aspect of our life is in alignment with the teachings of Jesus and reveals the true value and worth of His kingdom to those around us.
While the Bible is our supreme authority, the Holy Spirit is our guide - without the ministry of the Holy Spirit we will not have full access to the Word.
Jesus came to restore our relationship with the Father. We are sons not slaves. The Father Himself loves us and sees us as His own children.
Jesus taught that we don't live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God - the Bible is the supreme authority that governs everything we believe.
We seek to grow in manifesting the fruits of the Spirit in our lives. We also eagerly desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit and we value the prophetic gifting.
Our message is one of reconciliation. God is not imputing people's sins against them.